Living beyond your limitations

Oxted Outdoor Offices brings exceptional workmanship, top flight build quality and a fresh take on expanding your living space.

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Oxted Outdoor Offices

COVID-19 forced the world to look at everyday things through a new lens. At Oxted Outdoor Offices, we realise life is what you make it and we should always strive to exceed our expectations.

bespoke 1
the bar & relaxation space

A stunning building that involved major clearance work. Perfectly situated in beautiful surroundings.

bespoke 2
the pool house

Not an office in sight. The pool house you never thought you could have - stylish and utterly practical at the same time.

bespoke 3
the everything room

From bare ground to multi-purpose breakfast room, den, bar and general escape place. So much more than people expect.

Live, work, play and relax at home in an amazing space

When is an outdoor office so much more than just an outdoor office?

Local is good

Meeting places in serene spaces. Bespoke designs for fully insulated garden offices.

Oxted Outdoor Offices offers quality and individuality. Imaginative designs tailored to your needs and executed to the highest levels.

All this from a family company that prides itself on doing things the right way. By the way, we do travel as well.


Oxted Outdoor Offices